Kaiju the 4x4 ambulance build

Ya, sounds nice, if beyond most that are DIY adapting. Like to see that undercarriage, tho; Gulfstream historically did a quality build.
Ive been on hiatus from expo, but I managed a bit of work while my transmission was being replaced.

I decided to try and tackle a few of the little things I wanted to get done. Amazon prime delivered some Kilmat and dynamite supplies and I got to work. While I was there, I ordered a replacement oem style carpet to “freshen” the cab.


Packed and ready for expo “before I broke down”. Thought I’d share the set up.


This thing is getting close to done.

7.3 factory Engine replacement
New transmission
New suspension
New brakes
New tires
New drive shafts
And a 💩 load more.

All I need to do is enjoy it now 😬🚑😂😂