Kitanica pants review


Gentleman Adventurer
After owning a pair of the first gen of the Kitanica Gen II pants, I have determined these pants are designed for the man on the go, to the mall.

The pockets of these pants "look really cool" but they are very poorly placed for someone who would actually put something in these pockets. The back pockets are similar to the 5.11 pants and run down the back of the thigh. You sit on anything you put in the pocket. Very annoying.

Due to the over-sized front thigh pockets the side cargo pockets are placed behind the leg. Once again, anything in that pocket ends up under your thigh sitting on it.

Even walking around, it was annoying to feel my EDC stuff lying on the back of my thighs .

This was a very expensive experiment but lesson learned. I'll stick to the tried and proven BDU/ACU design or my Crye Precision pants.


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Tried looking these up. No lead to Amazon, thought they had everything!!

Did find them. Holy crap for $225 they should be much better. Cannot imagine spending that much for pants unless you are fabulously wealthy.
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