Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box


Hopefully you've added some reinforcement to that box. Every one that I've seen has been well abused and on the verge of falling apart. I like the idea though!

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Just acquired this box. I had planned to make something like this, based on one I found on YouTube.

I didn't look through this entire thread. Maybe this has been shown before.

Anyway, while I'm contemplating this, a fellow ExPo member posted a box for sale that piqued my interest. We met up, I checked it out and decided it was better than anything I could make, and cost less! Plus the personality is awesome. Based on some quick research, it appears to be a WWII vintage officers field desk. Swiss I think. The design and craftsmanship is incredible. Love the leather. Adds a nice dimension.

Took it out this past weekend for some car camping. It worked great!



lost on the mainland
cut a hole in the side of that trailer put in a door then make that thing on a slide so you just open the door and slide out your kitchen :)


Not sure if I should add a new thread, or just post here. Trying to identify this box I just picked up at a local Farmer's market for $40

I used to have an older footlocker that was my grandpa's, but that has gone missing for some time. I saw this today and had to have it. It does say GSI on the side, but looks handmade. Any help identifying it would be appreciated!!

Here are some pics:
Photo Jul 07, 3 41 48 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 41 57 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 42 11 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 42 23 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 42 43 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 42 55 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 43 04 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 07, 3 43 53 PM.jpg


Picked up another chuck box today. This one is fully stocked though. From what I've found online, looks like it used to be sold by Cabela's. It was called the Cabela's Super Deluxe Chuck Box.

This is the only picture I found (Mine doesn't have the Cabela's logo though):


Scored this gem yesterday. Still pretty much brand new never used. Still has all plates,bowls, silverware and towel holder