Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

Chuck Box..... Kitchen

well... mine (just arrived) is vintage.... not like the awesome sturdy ones in here with bells and whistles. Well be doing faux cabin look inside camper (Ambulance box mounted to truck in my avitar) so this works for me both inside and outside.

it is a vintage "Trail Cooker" camp kitchen. Folded up it is about the size of a military trunk?. It can be used when only partially unfolded and that will be the plan. Can easily be moved outside for cooking which was its intended design. Well.. not super easy. It is actually sorta heavy.

As one can see it has a small sink with an LP cook top. I will modify it to little more modern but try to hide the mods.... such as use the same sink faucet parts but make faucet into one like pull out type in below vid. Maybe a way to add more depth to the sink... not sure how to do that. possibly make a cut out in the back that's held in place by velcro. Pull it off to allow for a deeper sink to swap in place OEM one for normal use?

Just found a vintage folding oven to go with it.


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Brian - beautiful work. Do you know how much the box weighs empty? I see it weights 65 lbs full, but trying to compare to other options I've seen with empty weights listed. Thanks!