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Not sure why I haven't found this thread sooner? Maybe I did and I blocked it out so I wouldn't buy any more knives! lol

I have a few, some recent and a couple I have had for a number of years. My EDC (and most recent purchase) is a Ruike P801SB stainless folder that is a great little knife! Fits well in your pocket, its not too heavy and it holds an edge. I love the bearring action and the flipper or thumb stud is a nice option.

I started my Ruike addiction with a Ruike P138-B with that sexy Tanto blade... man I love that shape. A bit bulky for an EDC, but if you find yourself in need of something to punch holes in something... its a gooder. Really sharp and again holds an edge well. Has a secondary lock too, so no accidental folds...ever.

I then picked up another Ruike (hence the earlier addiction comment) which is a P18-SB folder. A nice drop point, dual lock LARGE pocket knife that was my EDC for a while. Its a bit bulky to carry around all the time... but its another great knife. Love the satin black finish too. I was worried it would come off, but it is amazingly durable.

I picked up a really sweet 'survival' type knife few years ago from a friend of mine who is a collector, a knife designer and a knife maker. Much of his work is collaborations with others, and some of his stuff is simply stunning ( He sold me his Fallkniven A1, which is an amazing camp / survival / zombie apocalypse blade. LOVE that thing, it holds an edge amazingly well and is a beast...yet I can slice tomatoes or bagels while camping. heh

So many sweet little time. Some of the older and new stuff in this thread is amazing. Especially some of the stuff you are making Peter! Wow!

Fallkniven A1
Falkniven A1-PRO.JPG

Ruike 128 SB
Ruike 128-SF 2.JPG

Ruike 128 SB
Ruike 128-SB 1.JPG

Ruike 801-SB
Ruike 801SB 2.JPG

Ruike 801-SB
Ruike 801SB 1.JPG

Ruike P138B
Ruike P138-B 2.JPG

Ruike 801-SB
Ruike P138-B 1.JPG


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I bought this S&W SWMP4lBS back in March of 2017.
Cool Magic opener, but the knife was very thick, and one of the screws for the belt clip fell out, and I could not find a replacement, so I am no longer using the knife.


I just got another S&W, the SWBLOP3TBLS which is a smaller and thinner body, but still has the Magic opener on it, and it has three screws to hold on the belt clip.
It came yesterday, and I already have used it at work.
Very cool knife, but I wish it was in all black :D
It does not have a window breaker on it, but no big deal, I have one of those RES-Q-Me combo seatblet cutter/window breaker on my key chain.



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That's beautiful leather work, Peter.

I got my feet wet recently with an inexpensive 4" drop point hunter kit from I chose Cocobolo scales and had a good time putting them into a decent shape. The overall size is a bit small for my hands, though (large / size 9). So I just got an inexpensive bowie blade from them and using some mahogany I have left over from my storage platform / drawers build.
I used a pretty crude set of tools / techniques, bastardizing a 12" disc sander, usign some drum-sanding bits in a drill press as an improvised oscillating drum sander, and a lot of block and wet sanding, but I got it done.




I'm kinda doodling in photoshop now, trying to figure the handle shape for the bowie. Probably won't get around to making it until after New Year's

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There are some wicked knives on here. I was hoping to learn about some brands I wasn’t aware of (I’m not going custom on a tool) and I have been left in awe of the custom work.

I used to make custom guitars so I appreciate what you guys do!

My collection is quite modest.

Benchmade Griptilian with a blacked out combo edge blade in D2 steel. For playing in the woods I have a Benchmade fixed combo blade also in D2- I purchased the fixed blade after being impressed by the folder... Great “production “ knives for sure.

I also have a small buck pocket knife. It’s a kickback from 1969 I believe. Sides are bone and engraved with an astronaut which is why I think it’s from ‘69. Anyone else have one of these?

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