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I recently bought the redesigned Benchmade Bugout 535BK2 during a member's sale at REI. I had a $10 dividend that I applied as well so the cost was $113 shipped including my state's sales tax. These are light knives (1.8 oz.!) designed for backpackers and hikers. I normally have carried a Mini-Griptilian as an EDC for 10-11 years but this one is lighter, carries more easily, and the larger size fits my hand better. Very slim profile. Not for heavy duty use IMO but none of the knives I've EDC'd are designed for batoning, etc.
One month update: For my uses/needs, this sucker is awesome ! I also acquired shortly after this one, a Benchmade Mini-Presidio from Benchmade directly. Even though I have long been out of LE, they still gave me a 30% LE discount. The Mini-Presidio is like a mid-size Griptilian in it's design. Very, very nice folder with a heavier blade and handle. Between my old Bucks, the Grip and Mini-Grips, as well as these two recent acquisitions (not to mention the too many SAKs I own). I think I'm set for the rest of my days. I also have a number of fixed blades for heavier use. The Bugout is an absolutely perfect blade for carrying in town along with my SAK Executive (which, honestly, I use far more often than a large blade).
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Well, my NOC DG-04 finally arrived from China the other day. Just shy of two months, which they tell me isn't bad. Not available from a US retailer right now.
But I wanted a camp kitchen folder, something with a slightly curved belly, handle well above the blade, and long enough for decent food prep.
And I wanted as many bells and whistles as I could find.

The DG-04 has decent steel, 440C. Not the latest/greatest but it wasn't all that long ago that Benchmade was using it a lot. Sharpens easily enough, holds an edge, doesn't stain much, doesn't rust.
The blade is 4" and rides on buttery-smooth caged ball bearings with a dieselpunk bezel around them. The detente is strong enough that when you flip the tab it pops to life with a very satisfying "snick" that you can hear from the next room. Drops closed so readily that I'd compare it to a guillotine, & no lock-stick (liner lock @ ~ 40% engagement).
Scales are G-10 with carbon fiber overlay, long enough for all four of my super-sized digits but narrow enough to keep that blade free to hit a cutting board.
Most of the back is open, ending with a G-10 spacer. No lanyard loop. Pocket clip is discreet for a knife of this size and overly tight -- will need to work that out a bit.
The blade's primary bevel is tall --- the top has a stonewashed finish to hide prints. Secondary bevel isn't shiny-sharp but it's plenty slicey and shaves without any irritation. Pronounced finger/sharpening choil completes the package.

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