KRONK , my 99 obs tahoe(for sale)

got it back from the alignment shop and took it for a quick spin down the freeway .

surprisingly quiet for as open lug as the tread pattern is
rides sooooo much better , much smoother over bumps

takes a lot less effort to get the tahoe going being they are a lot lighter then the MTRs

hopefully get a chance Sunday to take it on some back road exploring and try them out aired down
got out for a little drive down to the coast today to give the tires a little test run.
very smooth
very quiet for such a aggressive tread
I picked up 2 mpg
works great in the sand even at 32psi ( need to do the baby powder test to see what psi I should run them at )
rides much smoother then with the MTRs

random pics from the day yes I need to at least paint the hood with a dark primer soon was surprised I climed that far in 2wd b4 a tire started to spin