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The Kymco Spade 150 R is a new mini-motorcycle, in the same class as the Honda Grom or Kawasaki Z125. Unlike those minis, the Spade 150 is styled with a retro theme. The upright riding position is more suited to adults than the cafe-racer Grom and Z125. the Spade has a 150cc single cylinder, fuel injected engine with double overhead cams. These reviews say the bike is fun to ride. MSRP $2995.

Should you consider the Spade 150 for a trip across country? Probably not. But it would make an inexpensive, lightweight dingy for your camper, and lots of fun around town.

Kymco (Kwang Yang Motor Co.), a Taiwanese company, is the second largest manufacturer of scooters in the world. In 2008, BMW chose Kymco to build the engine in BMW's G450X enduro motorcycle, a model no longer imported to USA. Kymco also builds the optional "range extended" gasoline engine in BMW's i3 electric car.


I dig it. Wish it had bigger, spoked wheels, but then I'm thinking about trail riding when while these little bikes are designed for the streets.


I bought a 2018 KYMCO Spade 150i a few weeks ago. The modifications started as soon as I brought it home. A good bit of weight has already been removed from it. New LED turn signals, LED headlight bulb, a recovered seat, new exhaust and a few other parts have been swapped onto the Spade. My plan is to add a rear disc brake and possibly 14” spoked wheels and 14” tires. This is a great little bike. Much better than a GROM. I don't ride much anymore. This is just a play toy for me.



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