Land Rover 2.0



Spent a day in the Mojave recently. 2.0 is still doing well. I have been tempted by other vehicles over the past 8 months, an AEV Rubicon, a Sportsmobile, a TLC FJ 60, a AT modified AEV with camper and even a Syncro. No perfect vehicle. I'll stick with 2.0 for now...



Noticed some dead links earlier in the thread. Not sure what happened, but here are the pics... And I suppose proof that 2.0 is still alive...
Be sure to let us know when you're done with 2.0 .... 1.0 is feeling lonesome ;)

Re the joshua trees...we lived near the UCR Dean of Agriculture when I was a little kid.

He and a buddy of his came home late one day with a joahua tree in the back of his J20 (?) pick up truck.

They had some special permission to dig one up somewhere out there and replanted it at his home in Riverside.

The interesting part - to me anyway - was that they were very careful to orient it the same way that it had come out of the ground.


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