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Headed away with the family on the weekend for the first time in ages, was good to get away camping after not having done it for a few months. Took this pic when i got home, a nothing special pic, but it suits the

Love that cap over the tray bed. I've been trying to find one of your companies that will send one over to the States without much luck!


Because of a small incident, I had to replace a shutter door of my hardtop and had to do some repairs. So I was forced to repaint the box as well, little bit darker now. Same color as the rims, quite satisfied with the result!


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Love that cap over the tray bed. I've been trying to find one of your companies that will send one over to the States without much luck!
i'm guessing frieght would be pretty expensive on an item like that, so yeah i can't imagine to many companies would want to help you out for a one off purchase sadly. Surprised to think you can't get something like this made locally, there's heaps of companies here in Australia making similar bodies to what i have on my vehicle. Being vehicles are so expensive to buy here in Australia, i reckon the price of one of these bodies may surprise you also maybe? What i have on the back of my vehicle would normally cost about $13500 to buy from the company that made mine (i didn't pay that amount though). You can get cheaper versions made then what i have, but they don't have the same gear in them as mine has (ie:- internal lights, same amount of storage areas and insulation between inner and outer skin, etc).


pic from this weekend... took Friday off work and went away on a trip with a few mates. Rain came on Saturday arvo which wasn't the greatest for pic taking, but here's one i took anyhow



This was taken a couple days ago, just cleaned it up after getting it back from the fabricator. Roof rack, sliders, and rear bumper are done. She had about a inch of dust on but still looked good with the new armor.

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Out camping & exploring deep in the wilderness of the Urewera National Park a couple of weeks ago.

Recent addition of stiffer springs & shocks in the back is making for a much nicer ride offroad, & more stable handling on the street. Most happy.


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