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Sweet mother of Prados, is that a 95 with a SAS AND Portal Axles?

What's the engine? Trans? I demand more info! lol

Yes, Prado with Volvo C303 portal axles. Engine is changed from 1KD to fully mechanical 1KZ. Clutch is from 3.0L Diesel Hilux, Transfer case from 4 Runner, Gearbox from LC 70. Summer tires toda are 42" x 15" Super Swamper Iroks

59790792_2347100832000227_2646783204001841152_o.jpgCar is built for arctic expeditions and already drived 5 years of expeditions for today. We have drived to cold pole of Eurasian continent, almost to the most eastern point of Eurasian continent and northernmost point of Eurasian continent. Now we are plaaning to cross Greenland.