LC 100 SMEs needed

Hey guys I have been throwing around the idea of picking up an LC 100 and found this one right down the road from where I live. Unfortunately I am currently overseas and can't go see it for my self. Also ill be completely honest I don't know much about LCs anyways. It seems like a decent price for the condition and milage. I thought some of you guys that have a lot more knowledge might be able to chime in. The gentleman said he bought it to resell. He also said he bought it from an older couple in St. Louis. Here is the add.
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I'm not sure that the price is anything special, but the seats are in amazing shape. Usually the leather takes a beating. With the timing belt done, it's not a BAD deal in my mind.
Seems like a solid deal. Clean car fax is key. If it has any significant rust on the undercarriage I'd walk away and find something from a dry climate.

That said I'd opt for an '03 or later if your budget can handle it, the 5 speed is a game changer.

Good reading:

Check out, it's an excellent Land Cruiser resource.

Good luck on your 100 hunt!! Bomber rigs.