Leitner ACS, or custom rack (for a RAM 1500)

Ok, so I'm the FNG, and this is my first post, so be gentile; I have a 2010 Ram CC SB, and am trying to figure out what words of wisdom I can squeeze out of some of you guys, before I spend a s***load on a rack for my truck. Right now I have my CVT RTT set up on a completely custom set of 2x4s just so I can get out and actually enjoy my investment. So far, when looking for racks, the only thing that is actually off-road capable and made for the Ram 1500s is the Leitner rack; it is modular, and you can put the gearpod and all of that other stuff on it, but is it really necessary? How many people have had their lives changed drastically by using the gear pods or any of that exclusive Leitner gear. Also, I had planned on a very simple design, similar to a headache rack that extends over the cab, and really high bed rails, allowing the tent to be mounted almost at cab height, but the "headache rack" bar would still provide protection from bashing my tent on any low hanging anythings. This leads me to my next question: after watching a lot of guys overloading in some pretty extreme terrain, nobody has frontal protection for their RTT, so do I really need it? Plus any revisions/hindsight are accepted. :)
So, after speaking with Bernhard personally (he apparently likes to take tech calls, and talking with customers), he put my concerns at ease, and I went on ahead and pulled the trigger on the Leitner ACS rack. I'll Post up some pics and initial thoughts once it's mounted. BTW, he's a super nice dude, and was the first one to pick up the phone so take that for what it's worth.
After seeing the rack at the Northwest Overland Rally last year, I knew I had to have one. I've ran with it for some time now. The great thing about the rack is how sturdy, yet light the system is. Its nearly transparent physics-wise to the truck. You can't say that for steel designs with this kind of strength.

The modular nature lends itself to this type of hobby. You couldn't put something together like this for the money this rack is. Even more so if you don't have a fully equipped shop at your disposal and the ability to work with aluminum. Picture speak for themselves.

KHH, you are going to love it! Bernhard is the literal best. I purchased the system in May and have used it extensively this summer throughout SE Utah. I have a Tepui Kukenam XL Ruggedized RTT and it works beautifully with it. I'll find some pics with the RTT mounted, but in the meantime, here are some recent pics from a trip to Jackson. IMG_1036.jpg IMG_1052.jpg