Lesson 6: Don't let the locals get too close to the camera gear, no matter how fuzzy

A couple weeks ago I took my 4runner up to Grayson Highlands in VA with a friend and we spent the weekend camping and filming the peaks and wild ponies.

I made a video of it that you can see here, with lessons I learned from my friend on shooting good outdoor video.


You will enjoy it 68camaro... there are not many places in our area like this where everywhere the ridgelines are open and vegitation isn't overgrown. It reminds me of Shining Rock southwest of Asheville.

BTW I like the new forums... nice work admins!
Thanks. The Scales Trail I guess its called? I'll have to check it out sometime. You think its wide enough for a full size, or should I take the jku?

I'm on the WV/VA border, kind of over the mountains from Roanoke.
Yeah that's the one. I think you would be fine with the full size. On a couple of the switch backs you would have to make a three point turn, but they give you plenty of room for that.