Lets see some full size pictures...

I’m new here and just getting into the overland thing. Just finished building my 06 Ram 2500. I built a long arm long travel coil over front with cross over steering the rear has carli long travel leafs and king 2.5 adjustable shocks. I built the center console and mounted an iPad in the factory radio location. The iPad has a data plan for gps and music where ever I go 7727F785-4FA6-4D3C-BE8A-910CDF551B1B.jpeg 4A5DCACA-90C3-4E3B-8C14-005B7EBA6FE9.jpeg C3921436-6D4E-4235-971B-B32606577630.jpeg 12498FAB-86BE-49BC-B20B-187B66D056EB.jpeg 692E967A-854E-4980-A194-BC873BD1A633.jpeg D553FB46-59C5-41E8-9B16-896565729E6E.jpeg
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