Lets see some full size pictures...


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My truck is blacked out, so I don't want a big shiny rack out back. Also cost, but on that note I got a quote for $300cdn to get it powdercoated. So I might as well got that route.
$300 CDN for powdercoat is cheap I think. (That’s $225 USD for our viewers south of the 49th).


My '84 Suburban. She's been off the road for a few years, just finished the 3/4 ton axle swap. 6.2 Diesel, 700R-4, NP208, 8 lug 10 bolt front with 4.10's and Spartan locker, 9.5" semi-float 14 bolt Gov-Lock rear, Warn grille guard and M8000 winch. Tuff Country HD 2" springs on the front, custom pack in the back. It still sags a little so I may add a block in the rear.

I just threw on some cheap 285/75-16's on the factory wheels. We'll see how that works out. I may need to find some Ford 16x7's.


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Got my Leer 100R put on Wednesday. Then two days later I put it to work transporting a canoe from the eastern shore to WV. Pleased with it so far although the back window seems to be off as it's snug on one handle and less snug on the other. Lift, wheels, and tires are next on the to-do list. I just picked up the wheels and tires today and waiting on the lift to get here to install everything.