Lets see some full size pictures...

Thanks! Bumper is DV8 Baja Series. Skid plates are the 3 piece GM OEM kit. Two piece aluminum covers front diff, oil pan. Then a small steel skid for transfer case.

Definitely could use much better underbody protection on newer GM trucks....

I am considering this but price is hard to justify:
DV8 has some nice looking options and the Baja fits your truck nicely. I'll have to keep them in mind for the future.

Yikes no kidding, those are by far the most expensive skids I've seen.
It’s a bit crude for now, but I finished building a removable kayak carrier for my tent rack. It was a last minute build the night before last so we could take out kayaks north with us tomorrow when we head north for a few weeks. Hope to get a few minutes to at least get a coat of primer on it this evening.
How do you like the manual transmission? I am debating myself on the manual trans and curious how the power feels since they de-rate it.

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To be honest it isn’t great. The power is fine but the clutch and flywheel setup they use in these trucks suck. I like driving a manual and it’s not the end of the world. Drive one and get a feel for it. I put a little over 19k miles on my truck in the year I’ve had it and if I had to do it again I’d get the auto. It’s going to take changing the flywheel and clutch to get rid of some of the issues having a dual mass flywheel causes.

Then there’s the issue of tranny fluid. Per ram they spec an ATF for the g56 ( the manual trans in the Rams). Per Mercedes, who makes the g56, they spec gear oil. I’m not sure if it’s going to cause long term issues or not but it makes an already loud trans louder. The g56 has an aluminum housing which sort of echos the sound of the gear rollover. A common band-aid for this is using gear oil instead of atf however you start playing the warranty game if you do that.

Is it bad enough that I’d sell the truck to get an auto? Maybe. The novelty has for sure worn off.
My boss went from a 2003 manual Ram 2500 to a 2016 same model. He hates the new one, to the point where it has become a company vehicle of a sister company to the one I work for, so others have to drive it. He doesn't like the power delivery and the way shifting feels. Also, they de-rated the power of the manual to keep the guts inside the transmission as the G56 is only rated to 600ft-lbs. The auto version is closing in to 900ft-lbs.