Lets see your "CONVERTED" overland bikes.

Oh no. I was just settling in for long and interesting read. These converts are exactly what I am looking to do. Adventure on a shoestring budget. I had bought a nice newer adventure bike but couldn't get myself to dirty it up. It was spotless. I need something not so perfect to start on and then thrash.


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Exactly, I can't fathom spending thousands on a fancy bike and all the "necessary" adventure gear just to beat the ever loving crap out of it.
This is what I think about already! All the D/S's around here are either top dollar, and/or already beat to pieces, it would seem. For mild singletrack and woods roads, this seems like the perfect scoot, as well as being well mannered on the road still for long miles and DD commuting. I should do some looking around... Please, keep them coming!
Great bike ideas in here for sure! Hopefully this fall I will begin the process of building my Honda Vf750f interceptor into a more dirt ready bike. But till then I have my Yamaha DT250c to play with on the dirt.

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I gave up on converting street bikes for overland use ( polishing a turd comes to mind) so I gave in and bought a KLR650.

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