Lifting a slide in camper to improve clearance and departure angles


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I recently purchased a 8' camper and have it in a 6.5' bed. Has anyone tried to raise their camper with a few 4x4's to gain a few inches of clearance with the overhang at the tailgate? Would it be worth it? Or would it just look like crap? I don't think it would effect the CG that much as it is a softside pop up and most of the weight is already pretty low.



Many people build a lift to accommodate just what your asking. Some people have even created a drawer under the camper- Its a double bonus- Clearance and an awesome storage spot


It is done quite often but usually to gain clearance for cab over or truck bed side due to mounting a camper that was not built to fit the truck it is being mounted on. It may or may not look like crap. I had a Power Wagon with a 6.5' bed and a 8' popup camper and never had a clearance issue but I wasn't doing super crazy stuff either. Once was on a dirt road that crossed a dry wash that had a 18+" straight drop from a recent flood and was able to clear it with a few inches to spare before the rear of the camper would have drug on the ground.


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My Northstar came with a 2" perimeter frame with joists to gain a dab of clearance for my Ram.
The Ford Superduty's require the same subframe to clear the tall cab with the Northstar popups.


Unless you enclose the entire platform I would be concerned about dirt ad debris building up underneath it which would attract bugs and rodents, I would want to fully support the camper rather than just cribbing in a few spots which would put a lot of stress on the camper as the truck bounces. I think a better solution would be to put airbags on the suspension and lift at as needed for clearance.