Limb Risers For 5th Gen 4Runner

I have a Trd Pro 4runner

Currently have a gobi roof rack installed, with wind deflector, and LED bar.... up front i have a basic brush guard as shown in the image below


Anyone have sucess with fabricating or buying limb risers for a 5th ten 4runner?

Or anyone know a set up that would work in my case?


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Run into many trees in AZ?


Like said above^^^ go to Home Depot.

I bought some Vinyl Coated Steel Rope from HD for a banister project I was doing. I bought a 30ft spool of it for something like $15.

Make sure they're legal wherever you will be. If I remember correctly, they are illegal in CA.
What everyone is saying. Vinyl coated cable and turnbuckles. You can attach to the bar or I have seen others use hood channel CB antenna mounts for the front brackets.

I did a variation on this yesterday repurposing a light bar mount.
eh ill be between lots of states

and yes.... lots of shrubs and stuff here in az actually

enough to scratch it up a bit at least haha