Long road to nowhere.


So many roads, so little time................

Picture taken on a trip up in the Chilcotin Range, British Columbia a few weeks ago. For additional pics you can visit my blogsite listed below.



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One of my all time favorite shots, outside of Burns, Oregon.

Quatal Canyon, California

Moab, Utah

All taken with my previous car. Here's another from Quatal Canyon, that I took more recently but isn't quite as good as the Juke shot.

Obviously a favorite setup of mine. Great thread.


Photography isn't tops on my list of hobbies, so I don't spend much time in this forum, but the title for this thread caught me eye because I used the same caption ("On the road to nowhere") for a photo in a recent trip report.
After looking through the thread, however, the photo I was thinking about wasn't up to snuff. But I found a few others that fit the bill.

Death Valley

Railroad Ridge, ID

Magruder Corridor, ID - MT


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The one time I drove Engineer Pass in Colorado...

Trouble in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

Headed to the ghost town Carbon, in Wyoming.

Where did the road go? (Under the rock in Long Caynon, near Moab, Utah.)

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