Long road to nowhere.


Here are a few to contribute to the thread...

Death Valley, on the trail to Barker Ranch:

Lake Mead area:

Two-track trail in southern Nevada:

Back roads in Lincoln County, Nevada:
In the Raton Basin, County Road A-8 (Laughlin Peak Road) about 25 miles Southeast of Raton New Mexico:


County Road 4, east of Branson Colorado near the New Mexico line. This will lead to Long Canyon in the Northeast NM Highlands which I believe is on the BDR:

A couple I took while attending the first NWOR near Ellensburg, WA, back in 2011 (?). Rode over on my 2002 DL650GS Dakar. Should never have gotten rid of that bike. :cry:

When the pavement ends, the fun begins.


Miles of dirt and gravel USFS roads with no one else on them. It was paradise.