long term 101 project

Yes will look into it. Have been busy with some led strip light for the interior, i used a warm white strip as ive found the removable white strip light i have to bright. 92.jpg photo 2.JPG
Cost me £10 for 10 metres off ebay, plus £3 for some strip connectors
Cheer's wuntenn, antichist ive driven it enough with the 300 tdi in it to know it was worth doing:) if thats what you mean ?
The lights came from techbits uk, the connectors which you'll need if you want to add more lights or shorter lights came from wedo bestdeals. As each 5 metre length has one connector on the end.
10505330_10152219601427483_971446851000377576_n.jpg Its been a while, Just back from a short camp on the edge of some wood's. Have been side tracked with a rather rusty discovery the last couple of months. But finally got around to changing over to 4.7 diffs. I did the rear one about 3 month's back, as it was the easiest one. And after the advice from a friend drove it for a while just on the rear prop to see if the gearing was ok. Finished the front axle last week, as it needed completely stripping to change everything over. The speedo is under reading now by 5mph, but 55mph (60) is now achievable at just over 3000 revs. It has made such a difference to the smoothness and noise, just dropping the revs and ultimately the props not turning as fast.
While everything was stripped down i added some grease nipples to the track rod ends etc, and replaced the leaking steering damper 10453184_10152217344927483_2110108890_n.jpg
Good stuff Buff!

I changed my 1:410 (or whatever) defender gears for the disco 1.222 gears and the reduction in noise is dramatic, makes long runs so much more pleasurable.