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Regular readers of the Two Wheels section on ExPo may have noticed my preference for the smaller displacement machines. Maybe it's because I started riding in an era when a 300cc machine was viewed as plenty fast, and the Triumph Daytona 500cc twin was the king of the hill. I spent a summer chuffing around southern England on a 250 cc Triumph Tiger Cub. For whatever reason, I always resonate to stories about travelers who utilize smaller displacement machines. Perhaps it's because their stories often are less about their riding exploits, and more about the people and places they visit.

Let's use this thread to keep track of websites and posts that describe a long trip on a lightweight machine.


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ADVrider.com is a great source of information about "epic" trips. Here are a few of the trips I saw this morning that fall into the "long trip on lightweight bike" category:

Here's a fellow traveling in Thailand and Laos on a rented Honda CRF250L

This guy lived in Chile for 6 months on an exchange program, then took off to ride for 30K around Chile and Argentina. He bought a Honda Tornado XR 250.

Rachel and Ed rode the Trans America Trail on Honda C90s. They also rode across Canada -- in winter! Next stop, South America.

This guy rented a 150cc Shineray Mustang (Chinese bike) in UlaanBattar for a couple of weeks' riding in Mongolia


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Here's an old favorite. Seattle area native Ken Preston has been traveling in Southeast Asia for more than 10 years, documenting the construction techniques of native boatbuilders. Ken buys a Motorbike, rides for weeks, then sells the machine before he leaves the country. He spends 6 weeks or so in country, then returns home to save up for the next trip. Well written and profusely illustrated with photos, Ken's blog posts also document how quickly Vietnam is becoming a modern nation.



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Here are a few more ride reports on ADVrider.com. None of the machines mentioned are more than 250cc.

Younger woman riding a 250cc Vespa around USA

A couple rides around Peru on two Keeway 200s, Chinese ADV-style motos

Geezer on a KTM 350EXCF travels around Baja

Brother and sister rent Honda XR200s, ride around Luzon, Philippines

Middle school teacher rides eastern Australia on a 250cc Kawasaki Super Sherpa, then goes riding in Argentina on a 125cc Honda CGL

Two Americans ride Chinese-made Royal 200cc motos for a month through Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast

The MotoMavericks head out on a two year RTW ride on Yamaha WR250Rs. Now they are in Chile.


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I have done many 100.000km on enduros through europe and africa. I'm now on a 50cc Vespa. I love the light weight! Of course it's not made for highway speeds. But I still take it camping along backroads on Vancouver Island. It's fun seeing people giving you thumbs up and big smiles :)


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I ride daily an off-road bike with 198cc gasoline/propane motor. Works fine for me. Easy on fuel too! Looking for a wood gas conversion now.

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