Looking for 4x4 Sprinter DIY Community

Hey everybody!

I have been thinking about building a Sprinter 4x4 camper. I was thinking how cool it would be if there were a group of people wanting to build them and there could be a collaborative effort to come together to build several at once. Partner up and share in the brain power and heavy lifting. I am a designer so I have a lot of spacial and asthetic experience and have done some cabinetry builds, I have also cut holes in the roof of my vehicles, laied wood flooring and can draw design anything. I also have a friend that can engineer metal parts and so on. I don't have all the right tools but I have quite a bit, but for instance, I don't have a lot of electrical experience, plumbing, solar etc.

Anyone interested in partnering up to build vans for ourselves I would love to meet up for Coffee. I'm in Arizona (Scottsdale/Phoenix).

Maybe this could be a movement and we could get a group together, buy vans in bulk order, etc. Maybe we could layout a plan and a reasonable schedule for weekly meeting to work on them until finished? I bet we could get them done in quick order.

Let me know.