Looking for a good Creeper - recommendations?


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My fella stated in passing he wanted a creeper. After perusing Amazon for a while I have determined I am in over my head.
Please, help. What should I look for in a creeper? I know he likes American made, when possible. He likes good sturdy tools that will not need replacing. He is average fella sized, however, we do have a good friend that will probably use it who is quite size-able, so the weight class we want to look is the "holds up to 300". Price isn't really an issue, we aren't going stupid expensive tho.


I don't have advice on a specific creeper (I've been kinda making due with rubbish...) but something to keep in mind is that most of the low-dollar ones like the sort you'd find at Harbor Freight use casters that bolt on with a narrow yoke that only has two bolts. No big deal except that they are a bit hard to find if you need to replace them later.

So you'll want to find a creeper with easily sourced and replaced casters.

As for why you might one day want to replace the casters... if your shop floor is nice and smooth you might never need to. But if you've got old concrete that's porous and rough it's gonna chew those wheels off fast especially if your dude or his buddy likes home cooking a little too much and puts extra weight on them.


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I'd go bone creeper. It'll be my next one when I break the one I currently use at work. Large wheels don't get hung up on small stones like the little ones do and they're comfy.

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I have 60 year old Lisle Jeepers Creeper. Top drawer thing In its day. But were I needing a creeper alot, would get a Bone Creeper. It rolls over rough stuff and its quiet.


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I like my plastic Harbor Freight creeper, but I'm only 5'7 and 170 pounds so I could see it posing issues for someone bigger than about 5'10.


https://www.whitesidemfg.com/product/mtlpneup-40-creeper-with-no-matic-rollers/ I have had this one for about 15 years. I really like the large wheels with soft compound tires which tend to roll over a lot of things that other creepers I have owned would get stuck on. I believe it is made in America. Mine was Sears branded and did not cost anywhere near what whiteside is asking. Ill bet that it is sold under other brand names at much more reasonable prices. If browsing for it under different names, the distinctive wheels should be easy to separate it from other creepers.