Looking for a piece of advice!


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Hey everyone, I’m new to this side of the forum. I bought a Ktm 450 exc about 2 months ago and got a banging deal on it. 11k on the motor but recently rebuilt as well as forks and shocks for $2k from a buddy. Shortly after buying the bike I had an accident (not on the bike) and broke my back. I’m expected to be laid up in a brace for another three months but should fully recover.
My biggest question is not whether I’m going to ride again but what I should ride when I’m healed? Not sure if the 450 is too big (I’m 510 170lbs) for someone with a slightly weaker back structure or it would be just fine. I’m not doing crazy riding, just some trail blazing every now and thenI’ve rode bikes my whole life and recently just got back on. What do you all think? Keep the bike or sell for something smaller?


I'm not sure what you mean by too big? Other than tall and a hefty dose of horsepower a KTM 450 isnt very big.


Jump on it when your healed, your the only one that can determine that once your back on it..hope for speedy recovery guy