Looking for Chevy Astro swivel seat base


Hello Overlanders ;)

We are in process of upgrading our van and would like to install passenger swivel seat...

I have tried contacting local GTRV, who at some point in the past made Astro conversions, but with no success. :(

Looking for any information on who could make swivel seat base for 2004 Chevy Astro and possibly ship it to us or install (if nearby Vancouver, BC)...




Playing in the junkyards I haven't been too impressed with swivels in most Astro conversion vans.

Net research seems to point to the seat swivel from the MB Sprinter vans as one of the best.

There are a few swivel seat threads on the Astro/Safari forums. I remember one where the owner added the swivel between the base and floor, removing material in the middle of the base so the seat remains the same height.


I have reviewed those threads, but unfortunately I don't have tools and space where to make it myself available at this point, so I am looking for somebody who could do a good job :)


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In Vancouver, I'd call and talk to Steve at EBI Cruisers. He's a talented man who's been modifying trucks for a long time. If he can't do it, he'll likely know someone who could. If it was something Landcruiser he'd likely have the parts hiding somewhere.

Best of luck, from the other side of the pond.


The additional 1 5/8" of height is what makes ^ Astro swivels a non-starter. You'd really have to modify/cut/weld/lower the factory seat base to be at a comfortable height.


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Did you find anything to work? I just pulled two swivel seats out of the back of my gmc safari conversion van. I'm planning to do the same as you, put one on the front passenger seat. The only issue is the bolt configuration is a bit larger (2" longer) on the swivel mount, so it'll take some finagling, but I have an extra if you want to buy, I'd be glad to post some pictures in the next day or two.


The additional 1 5/8" of height is what makes ^ Astro swivels a non-starter. You'd really have to modify/cut/weld/lower the factory seat base to be at a comfortable height.
Does the 1 5/8" make that big of a difference? I believe you, I'm just surprised. I wouldn't think it would matter so much considering people of very different heights sit in the same non adjustable seats all of the time. Especially considering that it would be the passenger side.

I just bought an Astro myself, and am in the very early stages of planning my build. I was planning on one of these swivels, but maybe not.


Congrats on the Astro purchase!

Yeah, I'd say so for anyone of average height or above. I have approximately 2" - 2 1/2" of headroom in my van with Corbeau seats mounted to stock brackets. My old Safari with Corbeau seats mounted to Corbeau brackets and stock seat bases felt somewhat uncomfortably high. There was a noticeable lack of headroom and entry/exit was a bit trickier which is why this time around I modified the stock seat bases and Corbeau seats to fit, deleting the adapter brackets altogether.

While perhaps not as big of a deal for the passenger, you end up sitting and eyeing the top of the windshield/headliner. Easy enough to try by blocking the seat base to see if it's acceptable or not. Some have cut and welded the stock bases to lower as well.

Also, if that swivel mounts between the base and seat then you're going to run into problems with the arched Astro seat tracks. I think Herbie ran into something similar when building a swivel seat base and having to shim it making it even taller.

Yep, he did: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/42263-Herbie-s-Chevy-Astrolander-ZMB-Build-Thread?p=664580#post664580

I had originally installed a different swivel that sandwiches in between the slider track and the seat bottom:

The problem here being that the added thickness of the slider plus the spacers needed to clear the "arch" of the slider track make the seat dangerously high. (Without a headliner in my 2003 van, a couple of my taller passengers are too close to the roof unless they recline the seat quite a bit!) My hope is to be able to transplant the older swivel base into my van.

After removing the seat, I had to get past the massive amount of brushed on bedliner that covered everything on the floor of the donor van. Mostly I just brushed it off the nuts so I could remove the base plate.

The next problem was that my 2003 van includes an underseat heater duct for the 2nd row foot area. At first I thought I could clear the duct by just notching the rear of the baseplate (underside in this photo):

However it turns out that the stack-up of ducting, insulation, and carpet means the studs aren't long enough to meet the baseplate. (The OE seat mount in my 2003 has a raised bracket with feet that extend to meet the studs, rather than a flat plate.) I'm still brainstorming on the optimum solution here. I may try to turn some sleeved nuts to reach down to the studs, or I may build a similar rail/foot system to clear the floor area entirely, but that will raise the seat back UP, so I may have to compensate by cutting down and re-welding the extension tube in the swivel.... ugh.

Anyhow, more to come, stay tuned!
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Had a baseplate on mine but took it off. It just raised the seat too much. I've been waiting for a chance to try cutting section out of the factory seat mounts to lower the swivel a few inches. I spent months trying to get one and finally found one on ebay that fit the seat bolt holes but still had issues. I guess the bottom line is that there isn't a readily available, bolt in seat base for an Astor/Safari that fits.