Looking for help with GEN1 Trailing Arm Bushings


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Hi All,
I'm putting together my order for a set of Siberian Bushings for my 89 LWB (L146G). My main issue is the bushings for the rear trailing arms. Since I am removing them to put in new bushings, I am planning to upgrade to the GEN2 arms, but I have a few questions:

- Are there any restrictions on years etc or will any GEN2 trailing arm swap out for my GEN1 units? The reason I ask this is that I see different bushing options on the Siberian Bushing website for either the V43W or V45W, so I'm not quite sure which one to get. The pic below is what displays when selecting a 95 Model year and the year restrictions are what is catching me up.

- I'm planning to buy the Front trailing arm bushings to match what is listed for the 89 (3-06-132). Without taking it apart, this seems to make sense since these will still be mating to the 89 Body.

Also, does anyone know why no GEN1 UCA bushings from Siberian Bushing?


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Get the later ones V45W, those are the smaller bushings for the updated arms. You are correct to use the Gen 1 bushings at the frame side. They just list both variations for all years but the early Gen 2's have a lot of Gen 1 parts, as in you can reverse lookup the V43W trailing arm bushing and it will match the Gen 1 part most likely.
Gen 1's don't have rubber UCA bushings, they're metal on metal and basically last forever if you grease them. If you want to, they are rebuildable but they are also caster adjustable so depending on your skill level you may opt out. Don't rely on a shop to get it right ever.


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Cool! I found a set from a 95 near me that I’ll be picking up soon.

Thanks for tip on the UCA bushings, mine have 209k on them and I don’t know how well they were greased before me. I’ll check manual for any inspection guidance.

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UCA's, just a wiggle check is enough to determine their soundness.
better if unloaded but a wiggle check is fine either way.
try to keep front as factory.
there is a very sound argument that says the gen 1 parts are superior to gen 2, save for the ball joint replacement issue.
I believe gen 1 half-axles are obsolete also.
keep them greased and they last forever.

the upgrade of gen 2 front suspension parts should should be approached with caution and implemented with care.
it's no easy thing with mixed result.

furthermore, it is my firm belief now after having done this, that the S bushings are inferior to a delrin roller bearing style
when I get back to the shop this winter im going to convert over to that., with an adjustable SPC upper control arm.
rear trailing arm bushings
very likely the bushing at the rear axle are sound, and will need no replacing.
the fronts wear readily, by design.
and are a 45 minute job per side.
furthermore be prepared to replace split ring lock washers as those on the rig are probably no longer effective