Looking for Michelin XZL's or alternate 20" tires


5 years

Wow... talk about the ghost of threads past... This posting was from almost 5 years ago.

We wound up putting a set of the XZL 445 x 22.5's on the EcoRoamer, and have been very happy with them. They fit the standard Alcoa's and are much more readily available than I first feared.

However, thanks for the update. Hopefully some other people who may be looking for these will stumble across this thread.



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4 ea Michelin X tire pneumatic wheel. 395/85R 20 XZL, radial regroovable w/wheel

I have several compete Brand New Set of 4 Michelin X 395/85R 20 XZL with wheel. I live outside Atlanta Georgia. I am asking $2400 for a set of 4 plus shipping. You can email me at sales@bucksgt.com with any questions.