"Lorraine Baines" 86' 4Runner Build - Chicago to Mexico


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Hey guys,

It's super cold out and with no garage or driveway I can't do much until Spring, so I'm just gonna get started on the wishful thinking.

I have a recently acquired 86' 4Runner 5spd SR5 named "Lorraine Baines." Named her after Marty McFly's mom. I know it's not the same year or model as Marty's truck, but I couldn't help it. Besides a DeLorean flew by us when we were on the way to pick her up.


Plan is to get it ready for a long honeymoon adventure from Chicago to Oaxaca, Mexico where I lived for a while and where we got engaged. Even though it only has 122,000 miles, it just went through a full engine rebuild. I suspect it was because she sat in a garage for about 12 years. Anyway, now that's done, I can move onto some more fun stuff.

I'm not an experienced mechanic, definitely shade tree at best and I can't weld or fab fancy stuff, but I got this car to learn on and these forums are great, so let's see what happens.

Aside from wiring issues and general fixing up (new rear tailgate) here's what I'm hoping to add to get her ready. I should mention the car is my DD, but will hopefully be used for many trips in the future.

1) New set of 32" BFG AT
2) Rear bumper and tire carrier from 4xInnovations
3) Old Man Emu Suspension System
4) Dual battery system
5) Some kind of bedding set up, either raised with storage underneath, or on the sides, kinda like the Ruined Adventures folks.
6) Roof Rack

That's what's on my list for now. I'm sure it will grow and feel free to point out anything you may think I need or have wrong. Anyway, here's to warmer weather!

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It doesn't look too far off from Marty McFly's truck. I've heard that an '86 Xtra-cab truck may have been used for some of the BTTF filming.

Nice 4runner, and great adventure plans.


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Okay, so it's been a while. Here's what's happened since my last post.

- Replaced the starter
- Installed a new clutch
- New front brakes (pads and rotors)
- E brake fixed
- Replaced Rear Tailgate (window smashed and needed a new one anyway.
- Replaced a faulty TPS
- Had injectors rebuilt and cleaned out manifold, throttle body, and EGR.
- Swapped out the tailgate key lock in my new tailgate.
- Removed broken A/C VSV
- Scraped / Grinded off frame rust and sprayed frame up and down with Mar-Hyde
- Got a brand new multi-carrier.

The last one, while maybe not as crucial, was definitely the most fun. We drove up to 4xInnovations in Wisconsin, with a detour to Governor's Dodge State Park, and Adam delivered with this beautiful multi-carrier. Highly recommend those guys. Don't have the tire on it yet, as I've been too lazy to rewire the license plate lighting and move the plate.

Next up...new tires! I think I'm gonna nix the roof rack for now. After tires, I may go suspension next. Part of me is hesitant to go too far since ideally I'd love a truck with a little less body rust. Curse you West Coast and South-Western folk with your dry climates! Ruined Adventures and Defrag4, I envy your paint jobs.

That said, the rust is kinda great camo for travel...

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Got our dates and our route nailed down, sorta....

We're taking off at the end of January until about Mid-March.

I'll drive down to Aspen where I'll work a few weeks for X Games. Jessie is planning on flying down to meet me for a few days of snowboarding before we take off. Plan is to head to San Diego, down through Baja, hop the ferry and then snake our way to Zipolite, where the idea for this whole journey was born and where I used to live.

If anyone lives along any part of this route, let us know! We'd love to meet up.

Now that the date is set, I gotta really get in gear and finish up the truck!
US 70 West. Drop down through durango or stay on 70 and drop down into Moab, Cayonlands and Page AZ then onto Vegas and pick up the 15. Or from Page see grand canyon to Flagstaff. From Flastaff take the 10 west to SD. There is so much to see between Aspen and SD.


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US 70 West. Drop down through durango or stay on 70 and drop down into Moab, Cayonlands and Page AZ then onto Vegas and pick up the 15. Or from Page see grand canyon to Flagstaff. From Flastaff take the 10 west to SD. There is so much to see between Aspen and SD.
Thanks. The Flagstaff route seems great. Years ago I spent a week in Havasupai, which isn't too far. I don't think we'll make it this trip, but man, that place is amazing!
Havasupai is awesome, I was down there last summer. I live in the NE corner of Utah on hwy 40, about 50 miles east of the Utah/CO border. My Brother lives in Page AZ so I have a base camp down there. I left Florida in '07 to live in the west. There are so many places to explore in this region.

Not sure of your timeline but I'd take 70 to 285 to 50 to 550 through Telluride and Durango. Then 160 to 491 then back on 160 through 4Corners across to Tuba City then pick up 89 down to Flagstaff. 17 to Phoenix the take the 10 to SD.


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McFly's mom was hot. Surprised this thread doesn't have a pic of her. So here it is:

Have fun with the trip.


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then I-76 to I-70. It's a pretty straight shot. I'm going out there a couple weeks before my wife for some work, so if I can get a friend to go with me, we may meander a bit on the way down.
Ah, okay. You will stay a tad south of me. Anyways, the 4runner looks pretty nice! A couple guys in my unit just picked some up so I have been reading through all the threads about them. Hope you have a fun trip!