Love Being In The Dog House (trailer)


Outside Table

So I needed table space outside the trailer for cooking and other needs. I used a piece of 3/4" birch I had and lots of coats of clear to make it waterproof. The bracket is used for RV outdoor grill mounting and purchased from Amazon as well as the extendable leg. Worked out well and easy to store in the trailer.





Interior Lighting

I needed better lighting in the trailer, but wanted something dimmable and remote controlled. I had an extra roll of colored LED with remote laying in the tool box so I just tapped in the fuse box for power and ran the wires. I do not trust the adhesive on the LED's since it usually fails so I used some 3M double sided tape which has held up nicely



Bike Mounts

I wanted to be able to take the bikes on vacation, but did not want to spend a fortune on a bike rack and I could not use a hitch mount on the trailer since I would have to remove it to get in the back and the front deck space was already being used. The only place was on the top. I already had fork mounts and 2 sets of Yakima mighty mounts which worked out great, but I needed something to stabilize the rear of the bikes. After google time I decided to use a piece of 4" PVC pipe, strip of Velcro and U-bolts to mount it. I hade all the hardware and Velcro so I only spent $5 on the pipe and painted it black.

Rear tire in the mount


Rear side of the mount


Another shot


Ready to go



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Great looking trailer, thanks for sharing all your mods and experiences! Looking at a local teardrop builder and the Hiker Trailer guys here in Denver so it's great to see what you've done with yours.


working on changing the rear kitchen set up. May make it our of Birch and more user friendly. Putting ideas on paper and taking measurements


working on changing the rear kitchen set up. May make it our of Birch and more user friendly. Putting ideas on paper and taking measurements
Is there room between the closed rear hatch and the "cabinetry for a fold down table to be mounted on the door? Is it feasible?


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Glad I found this thread since I'm considering this model trailer - either Hiker or Lead Dog Off Road - they're the same. You've really done well and sparked a lot of ideas that work well! At 1st glance, I disliked the side swinging rear door - it should swing up to be out of the way. Plus the 2 front doors seemed awkward. But your hanging organizers look like they work well and are very useful. I like your awning and change room. I don't know if you've seen the Foxwing awning, but I think that would work really well since it's a 270 degree awning and would also cover your kitchen area. I've researched the Foxwing and actually found a stouter, same vintage (270*) called the Ostridge Wing which has the option to make all or part enclosed rooms. I think the Foxwing has similar option, but the stouter Ostridge Wing would work better in the wind. Where I live and also in Baja - where I beach camp in winter - wind is a serious consideration. Kudos to your creativity and I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your ideas!


Thank you. Having both doors was a good upgrade to the trailer. Makes allot more sense and ease while camping. I have looked at the foxwings, but and happy with my current set up. Let me know if you have any questions.


I really apprecaite your write up and sharing your modifications. I am so close to putting down a deposit and seeing what you are doing and how happy you are is a tremendous help.

I may have missed it, but I saw speakers in your sleeping area but didn't see where you talked about installing a stereo. How are you powering the speakers?

Anything you wished you had ordered on the trailer initially? I am thinking of having the water installed as its not my forte and possibly airbag suspension. I am planning to live out of it fulltime as I am currently working in Nicaragua and hope to turn south (after a northern trop to pick up a trailer) and drive through South America. From there who knows.
Anyway, thanks again, I have subscribed and look forward to what further modifications you do.