Lowly the Lorry. . .


So yours ia a ET 100 with a 8 hole rim, would anyone know if this ET will be the same on a slightly older 10 hole aksel on ie. a 1986 MB 1222A?

I was quoted EUR 290 ex TAX for a 10" by 20" ET114 at GABO, with a spring ring, and powder coated black, but not sure about the ET since I have no truck (yet).

Lowly Update:

Spent the past few days gutting the inside of the cab. Its been an exercise in patience trying to remove fasteners that are thru-bolted, working solo with the cab sometimes tilted to gain access. Its amazing how steep it gets inside the cab with it tilted - feels like one of those carnival fun houses!


I'm trying to be diligent not to tilt the cab with loose tools inside as to not have one drop onto the inside of the windscreen and shatter what I can only guess is an expensive piece of glass here in the USA.
Quite cavernous with everything removed.


Amazed at how much stuff came out of that cab!


Not shown is all of the wiring harnesses I have yet to extract from the walls and ceiling that ran to all of the light and communication equipment on the fire truck.
Finally some appreciable progress!

- Sheik

PS: found a British 2 Pound coin when pulling out one of the rear seats; this truck is already paying for itself!
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Lowly Update:

Back in post #120 of this thread I came to the realization Lowly's VIN plate was missing from the truck (likely taken off for a respray of the cab's paint before auction and never replaced). Thanks to a heads-up by EXPO member grizzlyj about the VIN number being stamped on the right-side frame rail behind the front wheel I was able to help the insurance, registration and customs officials verify Lowly's VIN versus his paperwork to get me through several bureaucratic hoops. Even with the frame stamp and its success thus far, I know it is only a matter of time before some border agent with an inferiority complex decides to demand a VIN plate before opening the gate. So, we opted to sell our firstborn child in exchange for a replacement VIN plate that is pretty darn close to a dead-ringer of the original (thanks to EXPO member Mog for example pictures).

First stop was Aluma Photo-Plate Company in Houston, Texas ( https://www.alumaphoto-plateco.com/products/vin-tag-replacement.html ). They are able to reproduce blank replica plates that match stock plates. They even had a sample picture of the Daimler-Benz plate on their previous work webpage. A hefty cash till "cha-ching" later and I had a blank replica VIN plate in my possession.


Notice there are no numbers on the plate. Aluma Photo-Plate was able to laser etch anything I requested, but did not provide the "authentic" raised lettering needed to pacify hard-nosed customs agents.
Next stop was A.G. Backeast in Grand Junction, Colorado ( http://datatags.com ). They provide a raised/reversed stamping service for just this sort of thing and came through in spades after an even heftier cash till "cha-ching".


Both businesses were great to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services. With my as-close-to-original VIN plate in hand, it was only a matter of drilling a couple of thru-holes in the plate and mounting it on the jamb below the driver's side door (utilizing the missing plate's mounting holes)


Checking this off my list proved costlier and more complicated than I expected, but this little aluminum plate will pay for itself in peace-of-mind the next time we are forced to cross check our paperwork and VIN plate. Bring on the customs agents!

- Sheik


Looks great. Man, that was a lot of work for a little (but important) thing. One suggestion from my years as a document forger for Mossad, you should age it a little with dirt build-up around the raised letters and a little corrosion on the screws and very edges of the plate, so it fits the age of your truck.

Bruce Lee

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Hi all

I had to get a new vin as the plate was different to the chassis number, several phone calls to Mercedes and I think £70, got a new one, easy.

Enjoying your build, I must finish mine soon!


Looking for any EXPO members who reside in British Columbia willing to help me out in exchange for a deposit into their PayPal account.

I'm needing to renew my vehicle storage insurance for Lowly truck in absentia. BC allows this but requires a representative be present at an ICBC office.

It would require the willing BC resident to coordinate with me in the next week to appear and sign for Lowly's insurance at a pre-determined ICBC office.

I'm more than willing to compensate for the assistance. Please personal-message me if this is something you can help with.

- Sheik