LR3 Hitachi Air Compressor Piston

Hello LR# Owner, I am looking for a new or used piston for an LR3 Hitachi Air compressor, I broke mine trying to replace the seal, the ring is certainly hard to get off. Does anyone have a parts compressor with a good piston, they want to sell?

Thanks in advance

Don't have one myself. Stumbled across this online though, not sure if it will help: https:// x8r. co. uk/land-rover-discovery-3-4-range-rover-sport-air-compressor-repair-kit-hitachi-end-cap

All the best.
Kudos to you for attempting to repair the hitachi.

I took mine apart and put in new desiccant and seals, and it was 10x worse afterwards haha.
Ended up springing for the AMK. Expensive, but worth it.