LR3 Lower arms and inner/outer tie rod cost

Hi all, was wondering if anyone could give me an average price on 2008 LR3 what's the going cost(parts and labor) for front lower control arms, inner/outer tie rods & alignment? My indy shop gave me a number that sounds about double what people said in some of the Facebook groups


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I did front LCA, UCA, tie rods, sway bush and end links a few months ago. I ordered the LCA, UCA, sway bush and links from Atlantic British(Genuine control arms and bush and what ever links they had in stock) and the tie rods from LR dealer(this was the whole rebuild kit, can't remember the price off the top of my head). Install was $800 at an independent shop and took 2 days because the LCA bolts were extremely rusted in there and a wheel alignment at LR dealer was $220.

Wasn't cheap but was way better than the HUGE price LR dealer was asking. The LR dealer wanted $1900 for just the tie rods, labor and wheel alignment, after that I haven't asked for any more service/labor quotes from a LR dealer.
Well I did all the suspension *components* myself anyway.

To those who like to upgrade, Meyle has a HD ball joint option for the front LCA which I chose.

Only thing dealer did was the alignment. I much prefer spending $ on tools than handing it to someone again and again.

I also just realized why another person wrote "all 4 tie rods" ...I usually think of each side as one but it is listed as 4 parts being inner and outer left and right. This is the cheapest dealer source:
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So just to add to this....same shop now wants $850 for front pads and rotors. Might as well go to the dealer and get a loaner at that price
Makes me glad I'm doing most of my work myself. I'm looking at doing pads and rotors all the way around. It'll be $300-450 for parts alone (probably will go 450, looks like better stuff and new wear sensor). Fronts are dead easy. Rears will be a toss up. Also I'll go ahead and bleed the system. Probably needs it anyway.