LR3 rear diff question

Okay so my LR3 went to an indie European specialist this week due to making some terrible noises & not going into reverse. So I was under the impression that I had the HD package on my LR3 due to the fact that on the 4x4 info screen when terrain modes are selected, two locks appear, showing the center diff lock & rear diff lock. Just got off the phone with the mechanic & the rear diff failing is the culprit. So the mechanic was going over the parts with me, & I told him to make sure he was ordering the locking diff. As there were two for the vehicle. The mechanic says that I do not have a locking rear diff....? So what do y’all think A) The mechanic is wrong B) The computer is showing the rear locker in error C) Previous owner had a diff failure & didnt replace with locking diff?
Thanks for all info in advance
Pretty sure the most surefire way verify the original rear diff is calling a dealer and giving them your vin. should be able to tell you if it was originally an HD or not.

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Car is now at the shop so unfortunately I cannot do that. Please see my most recent post for advice on non-locking to locking conversion, if I do confirm mine is non locking. Thanks
Yes all LR3's will show the lock on the screen even if they don't have the diff. I made the sales man drive mine on the test track to confirm it went to lock. I also crawled under and visually saw the lock cylinder.

Do you have the full size spare. Isn't 100% confirmation as you could order the full size spare as an option, but most that do have the spare have the rear lock as that was included with the locker in the heavy duty package.