LR3 Slider options/opinions


I'm looking to purchase some sliders in the near future.
Anyone here running the Tactical Rovers or Proud Rhino sliders?

If so, what's your opinion on them, and could you share some photos?

It's so hard to tell where these things sit underneath the truck on the Lucky8 site.
The images they have up there are not great.

How difficult was the install?

I installed some White Knuckle offroad sliders on a buddy's Xterra about a year ago, and boy, that was a job!


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I have TR and if your not going to be doing serious offroading, I think they are over kill. They add a ton of weight that you then loose in payload. I they had not been on my truck I would have gotten the Terra Firma slides that Lucky 8 sell.


I never know how serious the road or the not-road will get. I prefer to save my vehicle and rock/tree sliders are cheap insurance and a lot more replaceable than the side of my LR. It is each persons choice of what to put on or in their vehicle and the 300+ HP of the thing is more than enough to handle another 75 or so pounds.


Lucky 8 sliders here. The hardware that is supplied is cheap. The rocker panel holes are slotted and enlarged to make fitment easier and required adding some hardened fender washers. The step tubing isn't welded all the way around and allows water inside without a way to drain. They fit nice and seem solid.

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Thanks guys.

Really wanting to see underneath a set of the TR's.

I'm not worried about adding the weight.

I want rock protection, compressor protection, steps so I can access my roof, and protection from jerks who park too close in Nashville parking lots.

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I had TR on my LR3 and am now moving them to my LR4. Yes, they are damn heavy, but I have been impressed by the quality and they stood up to being T-Boned at a red light very well. Over-engineered? Perhaps, but I'm happy to put them on again.


Tactical Rover LR3 rock slider pic

Here's an underside pic of the TR sliders. As you can see, they extend all the way in, from the door sill to the inner frame rail. And they do cover (protect) the air compressor. The TR sliders are solid, well-built. All the holes line up perfectly but they are a pain to take off and re-install. You also have to trim a small section of the front fender rocker panel.



Bearmach sliders with prospeed compressor guard. Not as beefy as TR but heavier duty than the TerraFirma sliders.

Not sure how to add photos from my phone, but wil post up once I’m at my Comp or get my IT tech to figure it out.


I'm pleasantly surprised. Heavier duty than the terrafirma. Good fit and finish.

For the record I have installed tactical sliders 4 times, terrafirma once, and these once.

Tactical are by far the most heavy duty, but for light weight and strength I vote these with the compressor guard. I try not to rock crawl.

We will be getting some of these shipped to our shop in a month if you are interested.



I’m about to pull trigger on Proud Rhino Sliders, sounds like they are similar to TR but allow use of the door seals and keeping the compressor shroud intact. These appear to be 2 important upgrade/ enhancements. I like that I can combine with TR gas tank and transfer case skids as my gas tank already has a dent.

I do fear I’m over doing it, do the TF Sliders cover/ protect the compressor? That was kind the whole reason I was leaning towards the PR or TR.