LR3 Tire Decision Time


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Bump, any update from the OP re: experience with the K02's? I'm looking at the same tire size and live in the same area. Was also considering a more road orientated tire considering the majority of my driving is on paved roads. Any other suggestions?
Best Tires i have spent money on. Put a set on my Tacoma that i daily and will put average 40,000-50,000km a year on. Just stay on top of rotations and you will be golden.

Just rotated my LR's tires yesterday, still look minty fresh.
I'm a new LR3 owner. Just put 265/60/18s BFG AT KO2s on. I really like them. No change in on-road performance (if I could get them in stock height, I'd do it). Really haven't had them off road yet but considering I was on bald performance tires beforehand, I am kinda expecting a lot. LOL.

I do notice a touch more road noise but nothing the radio can't handle. We've had some bad rain and no issues there. Towing, they were fine.

One thing I did do: for my spare, I didn't want a tire that hangs down low. So I looked. You can get a 245/65/18 tire that is the same diameter, is a real tire, but narrow. Fits very well in the stock tire location and is nearly flush with the rear bumper. I've heard one can remove pucks to further move the spare up and and out of the way. I might do that. But yeah, just a way to have my cake and eat it too.

If you were wanting to run chains, I'd recommend wheel spacers. Get then a bit further away from the control arms. Cheap if you get them from LR Direct. I plan on spacers for my LR3 just to make the car look a bit more aggressive.

I agree with @LR Max above and I’m relatively bias over the years on tires now. For what you are telling us is your desire is mostly road with an occasional bump across the trails and snow performance as well.

I believe for those purposes you can’t go wrong on KO2 and go for the closest possible and narrower size 245/65/18 or next size closest to stock and you’ll be happy. 245 might be too narrow for tour liking so going 265/60/18 is not going to cause you any problems. It’s a tad wider and a 30.5” tire which in reality is closer to 30”. I could be wrong on this but it was the tire I was looking at for my 18” Wheels. E-rates of course.

I do not agree with anyone running spacers for daily use. Occasional trail set up or whatever you do what you have to do. But for daily use, stay away from spacers all together as they have far more disadvantages than advantages for driveline and performance on a daily use vehicle.

If you did need them for chains, maybe it’s a preplanned set up for chain use but I think you be more than happy with the LR3 performance in KO2 in the snow and won’t need chains for 99% of that you will use them for.

Sorry for bias but look how many are running BFG here and it’s for a great reason. They truly are an amazing tire with maximum tread life and performance all around.