LR4 Coil conversion?


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I could have swore there was a coil conversion kit for the LR4 but maybe I'm just mixing it up with my previous research into the LR3.... Figured I should ask someone who knows more than I do.

Is there a coil conversion kit for the LR4?
- If so where? Atlantic British only shows it for LR3, Lucky8 only shows the conversion kit to springs kit for LR3.
- Was there a design change for the LR4 that made it difficult to convert to coils?
- Is the LR4 really that different from the LR3?

I never found an LR3 that I pulled the trigger on but I've seen a couple LR4's locally that I would consider buying to replace my grand cherokee.


Why would you want to convert to coils to begin with? But a LR4 with a properly functioning air suspension


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I know there are a couple camps on this but the advantages/disadvantages has been discussed to the nth degree, at least for LR3s.
Is the LR4 suspension that different of a design? (honest question)

I did find one kit but it was from a source I would not have expected. I've also emailed lucky8 to see what they say as that was recommended in a another thread I found on LR4 to coil conversion.


To my knowledge it's just a 3 thing; the difference in suspension not really so much being hardware as it is software (and thus the time to make the software work properly-i.e. the secret sauce of the EAS to coil conversion).


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I spent way too much time today reading/learning about the LR4. My original assumption (made a you know what of me) of the LR4 being a refreshed LR3 is way more false than I realized. The LR4 has its own set of issues that are different from the ones I had researched to death on the LR3.

For anyone looking into this later, Lucky8 said they could source the LR4 to coil conversion kits if/when I wanted to do it. Just reach out to them.

At the moment I’m thinking of looking for a clean LR3 because I’m more comfortable with that list of known issues but that’s probably going to be difficult to find at this point. Maybe I’ll be more comfortable with the LR4 as I learn more… off to keep reading.


Looks like L8 & Dunlop are poised to coil convert the 4 now too based off some releases I read.

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I have seen coil converted D4's in Videos for British Atlantic too so that kits can be had in the US.

Not that this helps is you think you may just get a D3...

Buy mine 😄




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Ok if you say so - but never seen or heard of them and never saw any for sale. Even the commercial models came with air suspension.