LR4 Everywhere – a family adventure and build thread


Great pics and love the color of your truck-but I'm biased about green Rovers since that's all we own.

I too looked at that Rangie and thought...hmmm, that could work. Ironic that the owner questions if they should have gone the LR4 route.


My sons have been helping me with the storage solution.
We have pretty much copied the lightweight storage system from this thread:

We ordered the tubing and connector from EZ Tube and the parts came ready to fit. The first design removed the center cross brace that runs perpendicular to the tailgate. This proved to be problematic because the two-piece top wouldn’t remain lined up over the center bar and wasn’t supported. I ended up adding the cross bracing under the top and the flex was eliminated. We also cut out the corners in the towards to front of the car in order to install a dog guard. The dog is happy back there and I think it will come in handy when the family is all packed up and we don't want thigs flying forward into the cabin.

The plan is to use Front Runner Wolf Packs, four of which will fit perfectly underneath the platform.
My design without the center brace was for the two piece floor to run side by side on the driver and passenger sides. Looks like you opted run the two piece floor opposite of that, ie front and back.


Yeah, that would have solved it too. At one point, I was going to have hinges for easier access to the area behind the seats so my planks were oriented the other way.


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Wow! I was scanning through the Expedition Portal LR folder when I came across a photo of my own RR rig here. I’m the lucky guy who got to travel with Ben and the boys to Death Valley.

Here are a selection of photos mostly featuring the LR4.

We had a fantastic time. Looking forward to the next trip.

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Trip time!

We moved west from Pennsylvania when my oldest son, now 12, was 7. Occasionally, I need to remind him of how awesome California is, especially when the East Coast is getting lots of snow as it has this past winter. I planned an epic CA tour for the boys’ spring break. A friend of mine from Norcal Rovers and his son were able to join us for the first portion of the trip, which made made remote camping a bit less nerve-wracking for me as a relative newbie and more Rovers means more Rover pics!

All loaded up and ready to leave the Bay Area as soon as the kids get out of school

We opted to take a scenic drive through CA farmland instead of slogging all the way up I-80 to Tahoe in Friday rush hour traffic.

A quick pit-stop in Walnut Grove. We tried to avoid food stops that were chains as much as possible, figuring why drive hundreds of miles to have the same experience we could have at home...

We met up with the other family in Tahoe and found a spot the next morning for the kids to get in some time in the snow.
Old post I know, but for future reference (because I know you'll be coming through here so often...) the interesting stuff in Walnut Grove is on the other side of the river.
You know, other than my place anyway. :)