LR4 vs LR3 front-end suspension height differences?


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At last weekend’s Overland Expo West we took a test ride with the new Disco 5 on their off-road course. The vehicle was really impressive on 30 degree off-cambers. I still can’t get over the terribly ugly back-end and overall curviness, but I digress.

While driving with our instructor, Donny Floyd, we were chatting about differences between LR3 and LR4. He mentioned that the LR3 can tend to wander on high-speed freeway driving, so the LR4 sits a little lower in the front for this reason.

This is the first I heard of it, so gave it a shot on the way home with the GAP tool—dropped the front -10. It did handle a lot better while on the long straights through SW Utah and central Nevada. But I just got new tires and didn’t want to push anything long-range and far from home (still need to calibrate after rebuilding valve blocks and set my new normal height with the new KO2s just added and need to ensure no rubbing is happening.)

Anyway, question is, does anyone know the actual difference in front suspension height on the LR4? Would love to set a “freeway” preset on the LR3 via my GAP tool for long slab rides.


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GAP/IIDT lists the center to fender calibration height identically for the LR3/4. I'd trust this. The truck will lower by 10mm when exceeding I believe 130kmh for over 10 seconds.

You can run -10mm sure, but you better align it for it.


That's really interesting. I knew our Rover's lowered at highway speeds, but the difference between LR4 and LR3 is new knowledge to me.

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