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hi everyone,

i'm not sure if this is right forum, i'm new here. I have recently purchased a 2000 mark 3 e150 van that i plan to take on ski trips and trips on rutted out (not extremely gnarly) dirt roads. I want extra traction and am not willing to dump thousands into the Ujoint 4x4 kit. Does anyone have any advice or real world experience with a limited slip differential in snow in a ford econoline van? Is there a certain model of LSD that is preferable for mountainous snowy roads? I already have michelin snow tires.

i know this topic has been brought up before, but i'm asking again.



You need to find out what axle you have but being an E150 it's probably a Dana60 semi-floater. I'm not entirely sure but it's probably 35 spline and you could stick an Eaton Trutrac in there rather than the limited slip from Ford.


I had a 2000 E150 5.4l that I used in similar fashion for over 10 years. 9.75 rear end. I installed a factory Ford LSD and with decent AT tires did quite well. BFG AT and Cooper AT# were very good and never got any issues. I run Goodyear Fortera one season and they were terrible. LSD was a good addition for me but Tires should be your top priority.


In my 2000 it was a Ford 9.75" Semi-Floater. It had the "towing package". I think standard was an 8.8"


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I have a factory ford limited slip. Is it worth it to upgrade? I was in Vermont in January and drove through some snow but nothing crazy, fluffy, or fresh. I suspect my use would be similar to the OP


Trutrac! I put one in my old 2wd g20 Chevy. Great LSD. With these heavy vehicles keeping momentum up is key though. Once you stop getting them moving again can be tough. If you keep a little speed up with moderate throttle you can push through quite a little. I also picked up a set of chains and the combo of the trutrac and chains would get you way deeper than you should ever be. Chains did get me out of some sticky situations though too.