M1101 2009 trailer build


Bought my first trailer on Govliquidation.com and picked her up yesterday. Once I got home, I realized the trailer I brought home was not the same as the one in the pics onkine, but awesome just the same. I don't think this trailer ever saw any duty since the nubs are still on the tires! The trailer is in almost perfect working condition.

I have been lurking in the trailer section for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger as the surplus inventory for these is running out. You can't find an M101 on auction in CA anymore and only one more lot in Herlong (closest to me) up for auction.

Pros for M1101:
Aluminum body - no rust
Stabilizer rear legs built in
Nutserts for mounting on the sides
Tie downs in bed
Surge brakes
Run flat 37
Plenty of storage
Manual brake for each tire
Essentially new - it's younger than either of my Rovers!

BIG - 8ft by 8ft
Heavy, but manageable at 1400lbs
Tires are heavy with run flats
Hitch height for normal trucks - works perfectly for my Range Rover with my rear metal bumper because the hitch is so high. Hitch is at 29.5 inches and perfectly level for me.
Tough welding aluminum
Wide - at 84 inches, tough to tackle narrow trails. My Range is 75 inches so it sticks out 5 inches on each side or basically to my mirrors.

Next steps include rewiring and swapping in LED lights. Getting her registered and figuring where to mount a license plate.

Then the mods begin. Hope to either build or buy a rack to mount a RTT and bike mounts.

2015-03-18 08.12.46.jpg
2015-03-18 08.13.50.jpg
I saw that, and that is where I originally planned on mounting my plate, but this is where I have my plate mounted. I'd rather not remove and store my plate/bracket every time I put my trailer up on legs. Also, it's impossible to light the plate way out there. I am about to add a plate light, when I decide between the 2 I'm looking at. I'm getting a 12v-24v LED in housing and tapping into power from the middle/rear/lower running lights. I'll update the photo when I get around to adding the plate light.



I did similar, went a little higher. Drilled and tapped into the outside right under the tailgate hinge, and added two small brackets outside of the plate for lighting. Tied the plate light to the rear running lights. Hangs down no further than the running lights.



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I'm looking at doing a similar build to match my raptor. Mind me asking what you're budgeting for this project?

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