M116 Military Trailer Build


Ok, it looks like a trailer build is back on!

Amongst a massive trade and ending up with just shy of 3 pallets of Hummer wheels I also ended up with a 1992 M116A3 flatbed utility trailer. when the trailer was first offered i thought I should see what the wife thinks. I talked with her and showed her some pics and she said "yep, let's get it" so here it is.

In many ways I will miss the first one I built because I built that from scratch with my own two hands. This one has its benefits though.

1. its mostly built first off.
2. It has the 8x6.5 8 lug bolt pattern that will be the same as the Mules once i do the axle swap.
3. It has function parking brakes
4. it was the same track width as the Mule.
5. its already wired just have to change bulbs to 12V
6. it already has proper size fenders.

Right now I have no exact plans to share. I have officially created way too many projects so this one may get put to the side for a while.



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It's a great platform...I have two, and always keep one eye open for another.

Good luck building it up! (or out)


Good looking start point. If you can find one, swap the fixed front landing leg for a crank adjustable leg. A military one should bolt right up. I have a rear stabilizer similar to yours that I am trying to mount to my trailer. It needs to be shortened and I haven't figured out how to take it apart.

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I have a question in regards to your brakes. After you removed the brakes it looks like you are not using any trailer brakes at all. Have you noticed that extra weight when trying to stop? I have yet to do a full tear down and inspection but my trailer is in (IMO) excellent condition with little rust and everything works freely as it should. I would not mind dumping the extra tongue weight off with the brake system but having brakes is a nice idea.

My surge assembly was toast on my 101A2 the one on my 116A2 worked but I still took it off for weight savings.
No problem towing either trailer on the pavement with my 2500hd " it tows nicely with the added M101a2 weight.
Stopping has been no problem either but I leave plenty of space between me and others.

I have towed both in a parade tandem and they worked well too.
Dexter has the option for an electric brake system that can be used for these trailers.
When backing up an incline put a pin through the hole in the surge assembly to lock it out.


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Yeah the links I posted were just for existing hydraulic replacement parts. If the electric brakes option is done then yeah you need a new hub to which may run into problems with trying to get bearings to match on the spindle if at all possible which could just lead to a whole new axle. Its a vicious Domino effect.