M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab


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Actually I gave it my wife for Christmas

Body will eventually be a pottery studio for my wife. But it is on a Freightliner motorhome chassis with a 5.9 Cummins (in pieces) and a MD3560 Allison. These will be coming out and sold off. All the electronics modules etc will fit my trucks. Also it has an air ride front and rear suspension which I may use on Big Red to allow for variable ride height when using on/off road.

Really though the main thing I actually bought it for was the pottery studio.

Now I am fairly lucky in that I have a wife who actually appreciated it when I told her I had bought her a trolley bus as a Christmas present.

Spare parts and a cool Christmas gift. :sombrero:
Damn, Oz, I've been a bit absent and missed all the fun! Love the recent additions... except for the scorpion, of course. But that probably climbed out of the yard. :)


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Yep MRAP axles, wheels, transfer case and drive shafts. Nice package. When I get back from the UK I will take a photo showing those wheels up against Big Red (also the little 43” ones)
Just remember that when you go to bigger and bigger tires -- the legal height limit is 13 ft-6"...

Have fun in the UK!
Lower over all height being lower than MRAP axles would be one advantage to going with Unimog Axles. Otherwise though.... with the average Ambo design... it will be hard to break 12.5'. am putting an Ambo Box on a US military truck and don't think I'll break much over 11'