M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab


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Hmmmm something big is happening!

It took a whole day and every bit of lifting gear I have just to get them off the trailer and onto some railway ties. Then tried to undo the knuckle bolts. 500 ft lb rattle gun just scratched the paint. 2’ breaker bar and 6’ cheater just bent the breaker bar. So it was off to Amazon to get some metric 3/4 and 1 drive sockets to go with my torque multiplier.

Nut sizes are 54mm, 34mm and 30mm. Surprisingly I actually had sockets for all of them but nothing that would handle that torque.


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My back started hurting just looking at these pictures. Looks like you have a job ahead of you!!


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Hmm reading the service manual I think I know why they are so tight.

“Assemble lower cover (17) of knuckle then with help of screws press the king pin (11) in it.
Tighten the 4 fastening screws to 737 ft-lbs”

I can see a 1” rattle gun in my future.


Even though I bought a torque multiplier to handle my lug nuts on the road (the crank-operated version that Amazon sells),


I decided to pick up a 1" impact for use in my garage. I wound up with a CP797. I found one on eBay at a decent price, and I was not disappointed. It weighs 30#, but it's rated at 1400 Ft-Lbs.



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I have this one waiting for me if I need it. 1” with a 3/4 adapter. And yep about 30#.

But hopefully I can work it out with a torque multiplier as it is a lot easier to carry for servicing and repairs. I figure military 9 ton axles are probably not going to wear out in my application so maybe carrying the tools to field strip these is overkill.

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Is that a transfer case with two outputs for a walking beam tandem? I found a transfer case for a WWII, 1-1/2 ton Dodge WC-62, but it is much smaller hardware than this.

Does that steering axle have brakes of any kind?


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Does the spring perch width match a medium duty suspension or will you have to move perches to line up with the factory springs? Are you using the factory springs or do you have others in mind? Can't wait to see this happen.