M2 Freightliner Ambulance Conversion Project. 2007 Crew Cab


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DEA was the previous owners initials. But they will be removed especially before we take it into Mexico.

But DOA would fit at the moment. Clutch and brake go straight to the floor. Cannot get it to change gears. But it did roll so the drums haven’t rusted to the brake pads.
Very nice Oz! It's crazy how much a bit of shade here in the desert can make a difference. I've yet to get over to your side of town to see the new rig. One of these days...! Life just keeps getting in the way.



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When I worked on mine in the driveway in the sun, the white paint made it challenging to see what I was doing. I thought about grafting a pop-up canopy to the side for shade -- and that's in MINNESOTA! I can only imagine what working on anything that's been roasting in the AZ sun for a few hours must be like!

Best of luck with your (now shaded) projects!
Back in "The Old Days", I used to work for a power company at a coal fired generating station. Twice per year per boiler, I had to verify the settings of the boiler safety valves. These boilers were about 150 ft high, and the ambient temperature on top of the boiler was about 140F of very humid heat. I had to use a calculator to run some of the numbers, and the display would go black from the heat. I had to use a rubber band to tie the calculator to a 4x6 chunk of aluminum as a heat sink to keep it cool - the package would make it through the 4 drum safeties and two superheater safeties per boiler, then when we retreated to the break room to cool off before we started the process on the next boiler, the aluminum would sit in the room's refrigerator for as long as we could let it sit (it also made for a great excuse to stay a little longer...). I'd slide the aluminum/calculator back into a dust proof Zip-Lock, then we'd do it all over again.

Ah, the good old days....