Mad New 100 series Cruiser

2 months of searching obsessively and a half dozen road trips to Illinois (for some reason most Cruisers and LX470's within 200 miles showed up in the same 10 mile square area of Illinois) and I finally have my 100 series.

2004,OME lift already installed, cv axles look new, full dealer service records. Not perfect, so far I've discovered the volume on the radio doesn't work, the disc changer does not work... but the antennae does. The first one of about a dozen that I've looked at that did. I'm sure ill discover more as I drive it. My buddy is jealous as hell because in my driveway are a 99 XJ, an 05 v8 4Runner, 73 Power Wagon, a 78 Crewcab Power Wagon and now this beauty, but then he has a sweet Ural motorcycle. The usual build plans, armor, roof rack ,etc. . Will be breaking it in with a few in state road trips to various waterfalls to shake it out in preparation for a trip this summer. Wife wants to go to tour the Dakotas, I want to go to Canada.
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10 yr old son put together a back country bag with my help, I might have overdone it when I told the kids that we were not going to be camping in a campground with a hundred other people but truly in the wild with large wild animals and far from any help.

Bighorn in Badlands eyeing up the Land Cruiser, must have decided it wasn't worth the headache

Dawn at our Sage Creek camp site
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The first Forest service rd. we went down.

Dispersed camping day 2

No open fires but my Lodge Hibachi was up to the task.Not a fan of disposable gas cylinders or carrying fuel in the vehicle if it can be helped. Tons of pine cones and twigs,hardly used any charcoal all week.
Land Cruiser says I'm in the middle of nowhere
Another Forest Service Rd.

Spent 10 days in S. Dakota. Lots of great memories made. Next trip is 2 weeks of leapfrogging between campsites in Florida this December.
VERY nervous about putting a huge hole in my beloved Land Cruiser.

And done.

OPOR sliders ordered thru Metaltech, also inbound are Blue Seas 7622 for a dual battery system and parts for extending my diff breathers.
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Party on Wayne
I bought the same exact snorkel for my 100 series. Did you eyeball the hole or use the template from the box? I can tell my template is way off.

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I used the template. There was no cutout for the antennae even though the snorkel itself is clearanced for it. There is a cutout for a sidemarker that must be for 100's in a different market as ive never seen a U.S. Land Cruiser with them but have seen pics of Aussie 100's with them. I just cut a hole for the antennae in the template,lined in up with the top of the fender just where it goes vertical into the engine bay and rear edge of the fender.Taped it down to ensure it wouldn't move and made my marks. I was pretty nervous as well but when I put the snorkel body up to where I had marked for the big hole the indent for the antennae lined up so I knew we were good. The rubber piece that goes between the snorkel body and the airbox took some wrangling but not too tough. There was a lot of flashing in the internal of the rubber coupling piece and dross on the top tube of the main snorkel body where saw cuts were made but abit of scraping with a sharp knife took care of all that. I did paint all the holes made but I still think I'm going to lay a bead of Lexel around the body of the snorkel to keep water,dirt and debris from finding a home between the snorkel and fender and causing problems.

Steps removed in preparation for sliders. The womenfolk,my daughter in particular, are displeased. Not my fault their short. I saved the step mounting brackets and hope to use them to fabricate a mount for airtanks underneath.
Tires are 275 70 r18. I wanted to go with 295 70 r18 but had heard that it wouldn't fit in the stock spare tire location. No biggie, I'll use these on the Land Cruiser till I get a Slee rear bumper and then get the 295's for the Land Cruiser and put the 275's on the 73 Power Wagon...if I ever get time to finish it.