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West Coast Mags

I have a large assortment of professional grade magazine holders / files that were purchased from a library during its renovation. I have decided to use one single color for my collection so I am selling these for $2 each. They can still be purchased new from library supply catalogs but range in price from about $9 to $14 so I am selling the at a huge discount. This would be great for your personal library, archives, office, or man cave and fit on standard book shelves, book cases, cabinets, and shelving. They are very durable molded abs plastic. If someone wanted to buy a bunch of these I would consider boxing and shipping them otherwise they are available for pick up in Avondale, AZ zip code 85392. Email is my best contact:

Small sized holders will fit inside the Large size holders for shipping purposes, here is a list of quantity available:

Large Size:
25 Yellow
11 Clear
23 Green
14 Blue

Smaller Size:
47 Tan/Yellowish
16 Clear
7 Bright Yellow
5 Black
4 Red
12 Blue


West Coast Mags

What, no one has a collection of Overland Journals they would like to store neatly and protect? For those interested in shipping, I shipped 20 (10 big + 10 smaller) to VA from AZ for $30. Each holder will do 20-25 issues depending on thickness, so a lot that size could cover 400 to 500 issues. Local pick up is always available also.

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