Making my Uro-Camper Kubic 1.0

Hello friends. I made ​​my first Camper for pick-ups. I would like to know your opinion. We are in Spain.

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Looks very good. The only thing I would change is the cab-over length. Since it is going on a 4 door truck, I would have the cabover go to the windshield. This would provide you with a more comfortable sleeping quarters for 2 people and increased storage for cloths under the bed. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more pics as you go along with the project.
The project is already finished.
The sandwich is made ​​by us. PVC 4mm + Extruded polystyrene 30mm + PVC 4 mm.

The client wanted it to be small and compact. He wants to be able to sleep with the roof closed.

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PVC foam is very soft and fragile. So we have covered all of plastic polymer

The plastic polymer gives strength and is highly impermeable
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Maximus..........everything weighs 350 kg

after applying the plastic polymer we paint the pop-up camper

start with the furniture........

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